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building a nation | John Adams

To say I am completely taken by the HBO mini-series about John Adams is an understatement. Generally not being a history buff, I had some reservations about sitting through nearly 10 hours of US Political History, but I was pleasantly surprised.

John Adams (HBO Miniseries)

Showing the viewer a perspective of the formation of the United States from a the prominent and personal viewpoint of a family that was so intertwined with the politics of the time was gripping. Underlying the story of America’s history, is bringing forward elements of the human spirit that were so, necessary in striving for independence, and are rarely seen today. Many clues and facts are provided along the way which help us realize where we are today. Absolutely a must see.

So, how does this apply to our quest of realizing a ‘new life in the sea’. Well, as they say, ‘history has a way of repeating itself’. Lessons learned from yesterday, guide us today, and are sure to sculpt tomorrow.

Today, we are at still at the infant stages of exploration and discovery of ‘frontier potential’ in the ocean. At some point in our near future, we will find reason to settle in this frontier, much as the British did in the Americas. And as the natural course of civilization takes us…our founding fathers of this new frontier and civilization must work diligently to establish some unified voice and means to assemble and lawfully regulate. If there is one take home from ‘John Adams’, it is that the US’ founding fathers shared an ideal and belief system so close to heart that there was no better group of people to take the reigns. This same situation cannot be more true as we settle in the ocean.

being a totally alien frontier that is for the taking, the scope and design of the government that will form beneath the waves has yet to be determined. However, our advantage is having knowledge just a click away, and millenia worth of history to draw knowledge from.

It will take visionaries to get us there, and visionaries to organize, assemble, demonstrate, manage, and sustain a people in this environment. To those out there making it happen…you are our forefathers. Take bold steps, don’t look back, and while your efforts may seem full of struggle and sacrifice – be confident and know that you will carry the weight of the world. Our species need you, our planet needs you, and future generations need you.