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Branson goes 20,000 leagues under the sea…

Or more like just on a fancy, overpriced scuba dive…

Branson goes 20,000 leagues under the sea

On one hand, this is indeed progress for ocean exploration – that is creating the ability for humans to perceive a more familiar mode of undersea transportation. On the other hand, a $25,000 ride to 100 feet using scuba as life support doesn’t wet my appetite, nor does it do much to encourage future innovation in this area…it’s an expensive toy.

For that same $25,000, one could spend a week or more living underwater in presently existing undersea habitats, could rent a submersible with surface support crew and dive to several thousand feet, seeing what most will never see along the way, or make it possible for more than 50 people to make that same 100 foot scuba dive, but without riding in the sportscar.

For a man who has the resources to do just about anything and everything, I’ll be frank in saying that this does not live up to a well earned and deserved reputation as a pioneer in so many other areas. Mr. Branson – I challenge you – take humanity, not just the elite few friends that can afford this – to the deep, and beyond.

Lastly, shame on the media for running this story as though its breaking news in the field. Do your homework guys and gals – Cousteau and other were roaming around in wet subs more than 50 years ago.