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Book Release | My Providence Volumes I & II

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiEvery day in the field sheds light on a vast new world, and a new perspective on life in the sea. While much of what we do as scientists, innovators, and educators is quite linear – an equal yet often overlooked body of work is quite abstract. There is an art in exploration, where we find an art in oneself.

My channel of choice for expression is through the written word. During those rare moments of  ‘down time’ over the past fifteen years, I’ve documented many of my experiences as poetry.

I am pleased to announce the release of ‘My Providence | Volumes I & II’. This book project is an ongoing, evolutionary body of work. The release of this collation of Volumes I & II is timely, as my world is in yet another transitional period – making my way back home to Providence – the capital of the Ocean State (Rhode Island). You can purchase a copy of this new book here.

Volume III is underway, though it will be some time before it makes its way into the world. For now – enjoy, dive safe, and press onward.