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I will be offering a lecture inclusive of slides and video about the Blue Holes of the Bahamas on 7/20/10 at 7:30PM, at The Dive Shop Dive Club’s meeting, located at Mario’s Pasta Garden Restaurant in Brookfield, CT.

All are welcome to join the meeting to learn more about the dive club, and Bahamian Blue Holes.

presentation overview:

The Blue Holes of the Bahamas have been the subject of ancient folklore and modern scientific intrigue. This lecture provides a basic overview of the geology and biology of Bahamian Blue Hole systems, and highlights our five expeditions to the blue holes from 2002 through 2008 that have resulted in numerous new species being discovered from these deep water filled fracture cave systems extending miles beneath the islands of the Bahamas. The presentation includes slides, and a short DVD film focusing on inland blue holes from a December 2008 expedition.

The Blue Holes of the Bahamas have been the subject of recent media outlets, including a PBS/Nova television special this past winter, and a recent spread in National Geographic Magazine. Learn more at this informative lecture by environmentalist, author, and explorer Michael Lombardi.

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