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the abomination of the Obama nation

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiTonight’s (1/25/2011) State of the Union marked a critical point in President Obama’s tenure in office, as the event would for any President. Obama came out of the gate while emphasizing free enterprise and innovation, suggesting that both are central to job creation and some relief from recession, and are the true drivers of our nation’s future.

While I agree in principle, we must face a harsh reality with what this nation of innovators has created, or rather destroyed – that being jobs in America. At our nation’s peak, we were the innovators, and the manufacturers. Goods were ‘Made in America’ and that meant factory jobs for millions of worker bees across the country. Greed and mismanagement forced the costs of ‘Made in America’ through the roof, so much so that it became more cost-effective to be ‘Made in India, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, and elsewhere’. Great for those countries, not so good for Americans, as it only serves to broaden the gap between innovators and business owners, and the working class (slowly receding to lower class).

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...Image via WikipediaA simple example – despite the thousands of web developers, designers, and eCommerce guru’s right here in the US, it is more cost effective for me to collaborate with those in Australia, India, and Pakistan. And I do just that as a matter of fact. Simple economics and sound business…I get more for less.

Now, I am by no means knocking Obama specifically as our misfortunes are the result of more than 200 years of devolution in this country, but frankly, we are in the thick of abomination here in America. We have to dig really deep to bring BIG business – namely manufacturing – back here in a financially responsible way. I don’t have the answer on how to do this, but until we do, I just don’t understand what it is that we do, do…

Ideas are cheap, and the freedoms that we have here in the US to create and share ideas are just peachy – but it’s time to put the hammer down and get $#!T done. You can only float good ideas so far people…sometimes we all do a a little bit of what we don’t want to do to survive, and survival is where we are at. That’s reality.

Time to get back to work.

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