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a ‘flood’ of insight about our past, and our future

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiThere are a few stories that make us all stop for  a moment and contemplate the realities of the world we live in. One of them is the flood, as in THE flood.

Recent archaeological finds in Iraq revealed a cuneiform tablet that references what may likely be a 4000 year old version of the story of the great flood. I think it is absolutely amazing that such finds are still exposed, and certainly speak to the fact that those on the continued search need to be out there, and at degrees of scale, to afford discovery before mother nature erodes these fragile relics.

This discovery struck me with particular interest for a few reasons. First was that the tablet was found in Iraq. Given the volatile state of that part of the world in particular, this discovery is a reminder of what lies at the root of the volatility – protection of religious lands, sacraments, and persecution of those who stray from accepted belief systems and ideals. This is very much the same battle being fought today, though exponentially more complex given several thousand years of cultural and social evolution.

A second reason why the discovery struck me is that the flood story itself sheds light on a pivotal period in history – marking what could very well have been the destruction of all (un)known and existing advanced civilization at that time, and the start of our modern ‘advanced’ civilization. It is logical to consider that the emergence of advanced civilization as we know it stemmed from one singular source, though this has yet to be empirically defined. That singular source may well have been destroyed by a great flood, and the limited information that we do have suggests a timeframe coinciding with the theory of Atlantis.

I am particularly intrigued by Atlantean theory, as the timeframe in question lines up with the last glacial maximum, where sea levels were known to be several hundred feet lower than today. Tracing that contour around the plant reveals a very different world, and quite likely one that left coastal civilizations largely lost with the rising tides (perhaps the ‘flood’) over the past ten thousand years. Exciting for me – that entire depth contour is becoming within more immediate and routine reach with emerging new diving technologies. It’s only a matter of time before significant efforts will be placed on nearshore archaeological and anthropological investigations in the several hundred foot depth range – and not just shipwrecks, rather likely the very foundations of advanced civilization.

The next reason I am enthused by this recent discovery is reference to the shape of the ‘arc’ being disc or bowl shaped rather than boat shaped. For sake of eluding criticism, I’ll shy away from UFO theory in depth, but it goes without saying that it’s worth raising an eyebrow.

Each and everyday holds promise to shed light on our past, and reveal clues into our future. As history has a way of repeating itself, paying attention to catastrophic civilization ending floods and other natural disasters should certainly teach us something about our survival and sustainability here on Earth today.

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