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Urbania | Beneath City Streets

From time to time, our work has taken us to and within the deep and dark voids that lie beneath city streets. There, worlds created by people have been lost, but very much exist and require human intervention to explore, examine, and sometimes repair.

In many cases, these bowels of our cities and industrial centers are part of human vitality, bringing us critical utilities and resources, and taking away our waste.

Other times, abandoned space and infrastructure presents unique problems for urban planning and development – and unique opportunities at the very same time.

Ocean Opportunity Inc. has a unique interest in urban exploration, particularly as many of the necessary technologies and techniques to intervene within these spaces are the very platforms that will take us to new ocean depths, and other worlds that we have yet to discover.

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Reflexology 101 | The Chinese Foot Massage

Historically, I’ve never liked anyone touching my feet. But, with new business relations emerging in Hong Kong and China, during a visit last fall I found myself politely rolling with the customary punches so to speak…I got my first Chinese foot massage. Probably the most uniquely spent $20 you can

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The World was Flat, and Now it’s Sinking

I’ve been finding tremendous value in taking steps back to reflect on how the world turns and how life ends up presenting itself. The more I do this, the more I realize that we [humans] have much more control over our fateful destiny than we often realize, and yet this

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Trapped Under the Sea | a review

With my recent travel schedules I’ve managed to do some much needed catch up  on my reading list, and just turned the last page of Neil Swidey’s ‘Trapped Under the Sea’. The book recounts the tragic event involving the loss of two divers during the Deer Island outfall tunnel project

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beneath city streets

I found it rather fitting today to find myself fielding emails about celebrating Earth Day using an iPhone and while doing ‘fieldwork’ in the heart of the city of Boston. I was forced to find some appreciation of the gray and brown, rather than green, and came to realize that

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sunday; snowy sunday…

Talk about the woes of winter – this one can’t come to an end soon enough. With seemingly every weekend being buried with snow, there hasn’t been much time freed up to stay on top of proficiency dives and new experimental techniques which had been the weekend norm for about

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