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Urbania | Beneath City Streets

From time to time, our work has taken us to and within the deep and dark voids that lie beneath city streets. There, worlds created by people have been lost, but very much exist and require human intervention to explore, examine, and sometimes repair.

In many cases, these bowels of our cities and industrial centers are part of human vitality, bringing us critical utilities and resources, and taking away our waste.

Other times, abandoned space and infrastructure presents unique problems for urban planning and development – and unique opportunities at the very same time.

Ocean Opportunity Inc. has a unique interest in urban exploration, particularly as many of the necessary technologies and techniques to intervene within these spaces are the very platforms that will take us to new ocean depths, and other worlds that we have yet to discover.

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Norway’s floating underwater traffic tunnels

Submerged megastructures are exactly what humanity needs to drive our aquatic evolution, and it’s great that some folks are thinking, and planning, that way. Recent news from Norway has revealed ambitious plans for submerged tunnels that allow traffic to cross its fjords, without an obtrusive bridge hopping from land. Now,

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Christmas Trees and the Environmentalists Dilemma

Tis the season – we highly complex hominids decide it’s a good idea to put a pine tree in our homes despite warnings of fire hazards, sap all over the furniture, and pine needles throughout the house until springtime… So, what’s this absurdity all about? Well, there are stories that

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bah humbug to our failed state

‘Tis the season and that time of year, where the consumerism that now resides deeply embedded within our American heritage is at the forefront and is cause for nothing short of hysteria and pandemonium on the streets. Sounds like a bad movie but it’s actually just the Christmas shopping season.

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The a[l]lure of an Aquarium on Ice?

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… A Japanese theme park tried to draw visitors by freezing 5,000 fish beneath its ice rink, but a public outcry forced it to close the attraction after just two weeks. Source: Aquarium on Ice, a Lure for Skaters in Japan, Appalls Them

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