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Urbania | Beneath City Streets

From time to time, our work has taken us to and within the deep and dark voids that lie beneath city streets. There, worlds created by people have been lost, but very much exist and require human intervention to explore, examine, and sometimes repair.

In many cases, these bowels of our cities and industrial centers are part of human vitality, bringing us critical utilities and resources, and taking away our waste.

Other times, abandoned space and infrastructure presents unique problems for urban planning and development – and unique opportunities at the very same time.

Ocean Opportunity Inc. has a unique interest in urban exploration, particularly as many of the necessary technologies and techniques to intervene within these spaces are the very platforms that will take us to new ocean depths, and other worlds that we have yet to discover.

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Dive #5000 | reflections & ten unsolicited tips

This morning I looked down at my weight harness for an extra few seconds as I contemplated throwing it over my shoulders yet again…as hard as we work to make things easier, some parts of the process are here to stay. I went ahead with it, for the 5000th time

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and that may well be the case for pickers galore, or even for we subaquatic pickers – wreck hunters, salvors, and history nerds. But it’s not all fun and games… In some cases, underwater wreckage is actually a watery grave, and

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Lurking in the Shadows of September 11

Today will forever be one of those days where every American will reminisce a bit and contemplate where and how we are moving forward. In my case, today the dive supervisor reminded me that this was the 4th anniversary of Lyle passing away. Lyle Smith was the owner of Coastal

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Boring worms aren’t that boring

Ahh, the glamour and high life promised to we commercial divers – international travel, becoming part of fabled sea stories, mega-buck paychecks –  boils down an inconvenient truth; boring worms aren’t (or at least shouldn’t) be that boring. For every one of those fabled sea stories that turns into a

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a diver’s life hangs in the balance

Acceptable risk. This is something that is widely variable from person to person, from diver to diver, and can ebb and flow based on the current state of affairs, and even day to day state of mind. Earlier this week, while conducting a fairly routine activity underwater – fully accepting

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