Tag: Psychology

motives in exploration – science or discovery?

With one foot out the door on a next expedition – this one highly scientifically driven as we search for…

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mental health & ‘fitness to dive’

Fall 2011’s Alert Diver Magazine features a piece entitled ‘Psychiatric Fitness to Dive’, authored by Adam Roth MD. I was…

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cheap ideas and the soloist’s dilemma

Five thousand four hundred and thirty is the number of files I came to discover today while backing up my…

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9 Steps to Work Less and Do More | a review

Is it really that easy? Frankly yes, once you break down how and where time is so very easily wasted.…

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Belief Systems and ‘Pyramidiots’

Our whole lives are built upon belief systems that provide the framework for hopes and dreams. Even here in America,…

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‘seeing’ is believing

After spending a long-awaited day working in relatively clear water, as opposed to the mud holes typically encountered in the…

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