Oceans of Opportunity

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city under the sea

I’ve discussed this very video previously, but feel compelled to share it again, as it just recently crossed my desk in a new context. In my opinion, this is National Geographic’s most profound piece on all things underwater: City Under the Sea. As the very few of us in the industry get ever closer to…

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diving is difficult

In my last post about Rhode Island diving, I made the statement that ‘diving is difficult’. I made this same comment to a colleague at a recent conference, and it was met with some surprise – until I explained further. We all dive because we love it, and that love for the experience, and the…

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Sealab | the untold stories that changed humankind’s place on this watery planet

 A recent interview in the UT San Diego entitled ‘Underwater Space Race in Scripps Canyon’ discusses Ben Hellwarth’s new book about the 1960’s Sealab project – our country’s ‘innerspace race’ if you will. I’ve written about Sealab before here on ‘a New Life’, as it marked a pivotal time for human exploration of the ocean. This is…

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the chronic physical hazards of the life aquatic

Just 45 days into 2012, and I’m at hour 82 spent underwater for the year – and its not getting any easier. I’ve discussed the myriad of physical problems faced with diving here previously. Given that we’re still in the thick of winter (though be it a mild one), the environmental factors alone can wreak…

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