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Deep. Dangerous. Determined.

Hrrmppff – the ‘D’ word strikes again: dangerous. Last night I received an email from a colleague that spread the…

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humans’ place in frontier exploration

I received an e-invite a few days ago to participate in an online event that suggested participants will be “exploring…

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still here

If you’re reading this, then I suppose we all made it through. The last baktun came to an end, and…

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the literal ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of stunt science

Yes, yesterday I was among the 8 million viewers glued to the live feed from Felix Baumgartner’s capsule as he…

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Challenger Deep | the ‘deepest dive for mankind’

I’m excited. The announcement of James’ Cameron’s forthcoming attempt to make a solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana…

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Sanctum | a review

A NY Daily News piece reminded me to review the movie Sanctum here on ‘a New Life’. The news piece…

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