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Advantage of the Undersea Vantage Point

It’s always a matter of perspective. One person’s half full glass is half empty for someone else, and so that…

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’tis the season, for Black Beans

Friends and readers around this watery planet, it is that time of year yet again. My annual shameless plug for…

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Xploration 2050 | Humans Adapt

Lombardi describes recent efforts in portable underwater habitat development to create a novel undersea workspace and experience. Program aired on…

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Deep. Dangerous. Determined.

Hrrmppff – the ‘D’ word strikes again: dangerous. Last night I received an email from a colleague that spread the…

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currently in press – the art and science of human exploration being revisited

Some exciting new publications related to advancing the human element in ocean exploration: Lombardi, MR., and Clark, JF. (2013) Training…

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