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Happy Birthday Blog to Me

For those following my various blogs and bramblings, yes, I am still very much on a Blog hiatus, though felt…

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6 months of decompression

With the blink of an eye, it had been six months since I had last been in the water. The…

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liquid breathing and the miracle of life

A wonderful Thanksgiving suprise was the arrival of my little Olive. It goes without saying that she was carefully inspected by…

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destination: under the sea

My last post discussed the perspective that all of our forays to the deep blue were a ‘vacation’. With opportunities…

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a visionary for future human sustainability | Dennis Chamberland

We’ve touched on the future sustainability of our species here on ‘a New Life in the Sea’ several times over the past couple…

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Cousteau | ahead of his time AND a visionary for the future

‘Cousteau’ is THE name synonymous with our ocean world. In all of our past and future journeys to the sea,…

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