The not so novel concept of a Caribbean Marine Research Center

Interesting read, good in principle, but gives re-birth to lessons that the US government has not yet addressed: the proposal…

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Past to Present | first CCR dives on Lee Stocking Island

In 2004, Lombardi fights an uphill battle to gain approval to dive closed-circuit rebreathers under institutional auspices at NOAA’s Caribbean…

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Past to Present | Lusca’s Breath

Lombardi provides cave diving support at several locations in Exumas, Bahamas for Dr. Marc Slattery of the University of Mississippi,…

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Past to Present | Technical Diving for Science

Lombardi and Drs. Marc Slattery of the University of Mississippi and Michael Lesser of the University of New Hampshire make…

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Breakthrough Discovery | Fluorescent Mantis Shrimp

Lombardi, Albertson and McGauley work with Charlie Mazel on several night dives off of Lee Stocking Island during early experimentation…

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