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out of sight, but definitely on my mind

Hmm…every once in a while a news piece shines some light through the darkness that seems to prevail these days…

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The Earth’s Experience of Space | von Daniken’s Chapter 10

The first 3000 word’s of Chapter 10 in Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods stand as reflectively poetic today…

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The A.R.E.’s Search for Atlantis | a Review

Drs………. Greg & Lora Little’s ‘The A.R.E.’s Search for Atlantis’ highlights the organization’s relatively recent field efforts investigating the theory…

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Celebrating Christmas and the Gift of Time

While I am generally careful to discuss religion here on ‘a new life’, with the Christmas season upon us, I…

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Stonehenge | what’s it all about?

 Set deep in the countryside of Wiltshire, England lies one of our greatest mysteries – the monument (maybe?) of…

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