RD1 | a day 1 rebreather platform & program

RD1 Rebreather | a Platform & Program

The recent 21st century rebreather boom has focused on mixed-gas rebreather systems for deeper diving, so while rebreathers are not new, cost and perceived complexity has placed some limit on market growth and broad acceptance.


Ocean Opportunity Inc. has spearhead the development of a compact, low-cost, and incredibly simple oxygen rebreather named ‘Rebreather Day 1’ (RD1).


We believe that rebreather technology plays a critical role in evolving the life aquatic, and that true success has to start very early in one’s diving career. RD1 makes this early adoption more practical and economical by placing this powerful tool in more people’s hands and ingraining good practices from ‘Day 1’. This will allow for a more organic transition into mixed-gas rebreathers and broader market acceptance over time.


The ‘Rebreather Day 1’ unit is actively used by our partners for shallow water programs including:


  • educational workshops for students at the openwater diver level
  • commercial marine harvesting
  • experimenting with novel human intervention protocols

RD1 enables us to become citizens of the sea...

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Advanced Configurations

RD1 provides the building blocks for numerous advanced rebreather configurations. Through the course of ongoing R&D, our integrated Life System, REDLINE (Range Extension for Depth and LINear Exploration), has leveraged the RD1 platform to bring together a unique interface of human intervention tools with ROV-like telemetry – this includes multiple cameras, lights, communication, and sensor telemetry over the diver’s tether.


The system has evolved in response to our demonstrated technical intervention needs in both mesophotic science and specialized industrial diving, and continues to evolve as a research and development platform with our partners.


A number of demonstrations are being planned and will be underway in coming years.

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