Oxygen Treatment Hoods for HPAP

Project Description

Covid-19 Response | Oxygen Treatment Hoods for HPAP

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic gave rise to a frenzy of innovation in life systems engineering to address ventilator shortfalls, personal protective equipment shortfalls, and needs for many new parts and pieces to meet the need of quickly evolving medical treatment protocols. Interestingly, the diving community has considerable know-how and technology that can be brought over to the medical field.

Just one innovation was the Subsalve Oxygen Treatment Hood. Helmet/Hooded Positive Airway Pressure (HPAP, see www.helmetbasedventilation.com) has proven successful to treat the early onset of Acute Respiratory Distress (ARDS) and limit the number of required intubations. To-date, the outcomes are favorable to those when the only alternative is invasive ventilation. To perform HPAP treatment, oxygen hoods are the critical technology – and supply is incredibly short relative to the demand. Lombardi and Subsalve teamed up to market the Subsalve Oxygen Treatment Hood as one part of our contribution to the Covid-19 crisis.

Thanks to a generous contribution from the 1LT Gregory Zavota Memorial Fund, managed by Ocean Opportunity Inc., initial oxygen hood samples were distributed to multiple hospitals in the United States for physician and respiratory therapist review and assessment.

Visit www.oxygentreatmenthoods.com for product information.