Jamestown | a Reef from Ruins

Project Description

The Jamestown Bridge | a Reef from Ruins

The ‘old’ Jamestown Bridge in Rhode Island was destroyed using controlled demolition techniques in 2006. Bulk sections of its debris were placed offshore to construct two artificial reef sites in 60 and 90 fsw. For the next three years, we supported a Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) funded survey of the two sites to document early settlement of marine life to the reefs. These two sites have provided refuge for marine life, and have attracted larger fish and other predators. This artificial reef project is largely out of sight, so out of mind for most Rhode Islanders. However, the effort should be praised as a successful artificial reef construction program here in the Ocean State and serve as a model for similar ventures.

This project warranted dive techniques more conventionally used in commercial diving given the challenges on location, but with tasks specific to scientific data gathering. This  was one of several early projects that catalyzed our interest in cross-bridging these technologies and techniques.

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