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NBC 3 News Chattanooga: Rhode Island Initiative Breathes New Life Into the Covid-19 Pandemic

A bolivian patient received HPAP treatment with the Subsalve Oxygen Treatment Hood. Photo courtesy Dr. Cesar Vargas.

Oxygen Treatment Hoods prove to save lives in Bolivia and around the world

As part of their Covid-19 response, Subsalve USA of Quonset Rhode Island, a 40-year manufacturer of high performance  inflatable products for undersea, defense, and other markets rapidly designed and established high volume production of an OXYGEN TREATMENT HOOD in response to the short supply of existing helmet ventilation devices on the market.

Subsalve teamed up with Lombardi Undersea LLC, a diving technology research company, to market the new device. The OXYGEN TREATMENT HOOD technology is historically used for hyperbaric medicine, but are ideally suited for Covid-19 as they allow clinicians to control airway pressure, increase therapeutic oxygen levels, and mitigate virus exposure for healthcare workers. Lombardi’s initiative has garnered support from the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and multiple community and industry partners.

Internationally, the Rhode Island manufactured product is already saving lives. According to Dr. Cesar Vargas from Bolivia,

“After this period of introduction and training of the helmets that involved many many good people as well as to overcoming numerous obstacles, finally we are back on track and ready to continue our mission, the mission of God, to saves lives and bring hope in the midst of the darkness… the helmets that your company [Subsalve USA] produces are fantastic and already saved and continue saving lives in Bolivia, our physicians are more familiar and eager to use the device and share the benefits with other hospitals.”

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