Oceans of Opportunity

in the moment

I spend a lot of time in the field…some might even say too much. How much? Well, as of recently I’ve spent the vast majority of my 40+ hour work weeks underwater, hence the scarcity of my blogging.

One might ask, ‘is this too much’? ‘How can you stand to live like that’? It makes me laugh a little and keeps me acutely aware of why I am where I am…the pursuit.

This ‘pursuit’ became clear during more exploration oriented dives, however has since trickled over to all of my occupational diving. THis is the one physical space where I don’t dwell on the past, I don’t dream about the future…I live in the moment. This is largely out of necessity; ensuring a heightened sese of self-awareness, self-reliance, adn self-sufficiency. However finding the ability to live in the moment benefits all aspects of life, above adn below the water.

My best advice to anyone is to find their calling, their pursuit. Live it, breathe it, find meaning in it. Through this quest, you will find yourself, and the value of this moment…right now.

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