Posters & Downloads

Posters for your Classroom, Dorm Room, & Dive Locker…

You are welcome to download the files and print yourself. We welcome donations to support the ongoing creative development work that makes these resources possible. 100% of proceeds benefits Ocean Opportunity Inc.

.: History of Diving from Mashable .pdf

This cool infographic by Mashable tracks the history of diving, leading up to our recent debut of the Exosuit ADS for scientific exploration.

.: Exosuit ADS Spec Schematic .pdf

This poster is a schematic breakout of the Nuytco Research Ltd. Exosuit, produced by the American Museum of Natural History. The Exosuit is the priority vehicle for several forthcoming projects.

.: Life on the Edge .pdf

This poster represents our 2010 fieldwork theme. The image is a to-scale mosaic revealing the vertical mesophotic coral ecosystem from 0 to 100 meters.

.: Molecular Products Ad .pdf

This poster is from our friends at Molecular Products who have generously supported our explorations for several years. The image includes our to-scale mosaic revealing the vertical wall from 0 to 100 meters.

.: Exploration & Human Health .pdf

This poster represents the core theme from our 2002 through 2005 fieldwork, and includes images and facts about natural products discovery from unexplored frontiers.