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Since 2008, this Blog has been a communications priority providing shorts, op-eds, and bramblings that communicate our evolution to ‘a new life in the sea’.

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How Dare You…?

Like it or not, the little girl has a good point. Greta Thunberg’s recent United Nations address was strong, clear, and consistent. Some elder folk are probably hearing her soapbox speech and the response is an ‘aww isn’t she cute’, and that’s exactly what’s wrong – ‘how dare you’ is exactly right. It’s easy to take life as a ticket to ride out three quarter of a century or so until whatever comes next and dismiss the unbalance here on Earth as someone’s else’s problem. The fact is that ALL of it IS our problem. A sustainable humanity should be our purpose – that means to leave this place just a little bit better for the next. So, what are the problems? I’m not going to harp on climate change per se so as to avoid highly opinionated rebuttals. An undeniable truth however is that humans are part of our...
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#filltheboot for Muscular Dystrophy

Today was our local fire department’s ‘Fill the Boot’ day to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy research, awareness, and community support. As I dropped in my handful of cruddy change from the cup holder in my truck I couldn’t help but reflect back on our work with Matt Johnston and his Diving a Dream project to help realize his dream of becoming the world’s first ventilator dependent diver. At the time of Matt’s journey kicking off – about 15 years ago – his dreams of overcoming the challenges of Muscular Dystrophy to submerge underwater were all pie in the sky stuff…to say it was a ‘dream’ is an understatement. But he did it… And today, 15 years since kick-off, his achievements still stand alone. That speaks to just how pioneering the project was, and is, and should tell us all that there is so much more for us all to...
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who’s in the dive team?

I’ve had to switch gears in between diving modes quite a bit as of late, so am re-hashing this post (originally from 2013) to keep some fresh perspective out there on the subject of dive team composition… The overwhelming majority of dives I have made have been alone  – or at least I’m alone in the water. I first started solo diving at age 16, very soon after first learning to dive, and out of necessity as I was quickly cast into a summer job cleaning boats, recovering lost items, changing chains, and so on. These light commercial activities don’t warrant a major OSHA compliant diving operation – though of course we wharf rats are working completely under the radar. This is cash and carry, no standards of practice, insurance, risk managers, and so on. Needless to say, just a small handful of hairy situations were cause for learning very...
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In Oceans Deep | a review

Bill Streever’s “In Oceans Deep” hits the nail on the head, referencing from the very beginning that the book tackles “humanity’s presence beneath the waves”, and later concluding that “…a key role remains for manned expeditions…inspiration”. Embodied within those two sentiments is a chronicle of several pivotal moments in human intervention’s history and across various modes of diving – free-diving, manned submersibles, saturation diving, undersea habitation, atmospheric suits, and robotics as human proxies. Albeit unfortunate, the aquatic world is not full to the brim with writers, particularly those who can convey elements of historical fact through storytelling that is interwoven with personal experience. All too often, diving related books recount an experience, expedition, or some harrowing event – while certainly entertaining, they often miss the broader context that is needed for the non-diver to fully appreciate the material. Streever’s background in commercial diving and marine science helps seamlessly weave together...
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Happy Birthday Blog to Me

For those following my various blogs and bramblings, yes, I am still very much on a Blog hiatus, though felt compelled to make a few short key strokes today…seeing as it’s my birthday and I do love to write, I may as well write. As many of my days go, it was spent on on and underwater, grinding it out to make a decent living and with the very fortunate perspective of experiencing our planet in a unique way for the bulk of the day. The day started with me jumping in my boat and seeing a very shiny object in the water with what appeared to be long tentacles – a closer look revealed that it was not a rogue tropical jellyfish here in New England…it was a Mylar balloon. Seeing as this fooled me from 20 feet away, it was very obvious how these things can fool animals...
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New Book : Closed Circuit, Open Sourced

During my recent Blogging hiatus, I shifted my time allocated towards writing to bottom out a long overdue book project., and am pleased to share here that ‘Closed Circuit | Open Sourced’  is now published and available on I’ve been diving closed circuit rebreathers for almost 20 years, having realized the strong potential for the technology to open new doors for humans operating beneath the sea. I’ve been somewhat fortunate to be what they call ‘an early adopter’, having moved toward their use at the start of the 21st century during a time when the technology was still considered taboo, at least for the masses. A lot has changed, both for the better, and perhaps for the worse. On the positive side, we’re starting to see more widespread use and through that, have a better handle on how to mitigate liability, quality control/quality assurance issues, and refine techniques. On...
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Signing off…for now

To my loyal Blog readers and followers, I’m taking a break from Blogging… For this next stretch, I am committing my time allocated to writing to completing a long overdue technical manuscript, and then following that with a new book project. I have no idea how long this will keep me offline, but believe it will prove to be a valuable exercise in channeling productivity for both personal and professional growth. I plan to continue to drop dribs and drabs as they happen through social media, and very much appreciate all of your support over the years with the likes, shares, re-posts, and so on – all of the public appeal helps drive the bigger vision, and has helped to put me where I am today. So, a few parting thoughts…I never really loved to write. It all started with a high school English teacher who suggested that I wasn’t...
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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and that may well be the case for pickers galore, or even for we subaquatic pickers – wreck hunters, salvors, and history nerds. But it’s not all fun and games… In some cases, underwater wreckage is actually a watery grave, and must be treated with the utmost respect. In others, it’s a mass of plundered goods. And in still others – it is truly, utterly, and sadly trash. We’ve been pleased to do our limited part in shedding some light on underwater pollution over the past couple of years. In fact, perhaps much as it has been intended, the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ got us out there on the streets along with our colleagues at EcoRI News to organize a local screening here in Providence, Rhode Island, and thereafter start to build on this theme through some interesting journalism. Now, what...
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the bed & breakfast, or the bivy

Underwater living… it’s perhaps the start of the lineage of work that many of us have embarked upon, and still remains a vision for the future. “Why?” one might ask… While the Atlantean dreamscape painted of a life beneath the waves of some utopian tropical paradise flirts with the outskirts of fantasy, the practical side of taking up a subaquatic residence still presents numerous challenges. Human physiology, building materials, ongoing husbandry, life support, power, commerce – all of this, and more, have proven to thwart much scale-able effort in practice, though the dream is still held close by those who see this blue planet from the bottom up. At this bottom line – the world we’ve created is not sustainable for the environment, nor its resources, nor for us. So, for some, undersea habitation may be viewed as an opportunity to run away and a chance to start over, however...
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Closing the Loop on Climate Politics

Anyone tuning in to headlines over the past week has seen the alarms blazing about our ever narrowing window to thwart climate change… Do we have problems? Absolutely yes. But the sad reality is that the media’s fear mongering is not the approach for environmental advocacy that we need. We should keep in sharp focus that here in the US we’re at the tail end of two devastating hurricanes, and on the eve of the next election cycle. So, will climate change be on every politician’s lobbying agenda? You bet, and while that is great at face value, we can’t lose sight of the fact that it will take a heck of a lot of action to speak louder than those words. Facing the music, there is nothing that the US government will do in the immediate term to meet the calls for greenhouse gas reduction. Even...
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