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New Paper: Use of Helmet CPAP in COVID-19 – A practical review

H. Amirfarzan, M. Cereda, T.G. Gaulton, K.B. Leissner, A. Cortegiani, R. Schumann, C. Gregoretti, Use of Helmet CPAP in COVID-19 – A practical review, In, Pulmonology, ISSN 2531-0437, Abstract: Helmet CPAP (H-CPAP) has been recommended in many guidelines as a noninvasive respiratory support during COVID-19 pandemic in many countries around the world. It has the least amount of particle dispersion and air contamination among all noninvasive devices and may mitigate the ICU bed shortage during a COVID surge as well as a decreased need for intubation/mechanical ventilation. It can be attached to many oxygen delivery sources. The MaxVenturi setup is preferred as it allows for natural humidification, low noise burden, and easy transition to HFNC during breaks and it is the recommended transport set-up. The patients can safely be proned with the helmet. It can also be used to wean the patients from invasive mechanical ventilation. Our article reviews...
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Rhode Island Clinicians to Implement New Non-Invasive Ventilation to Help Prevent Strain on Hospitals During COVID-19 Surge

Subsalve USA and Nanotronics Health donate medical devices and provide on-site training across Rhode Island healthcare system in joint humanitarian effort QUONSET, R.I. & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quonset Rhode Island based, Subsalve USA and Brooklyn, New York based, Nanotronics Health, have teamed up in their first domestic partnership, to provide humanitarian relief to clinicians in Rhode Island as they face a tremendous COVID-19 surge, and potential shortage of hospital beds and staff. Both Nanotronics Health and Subsalve USA received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their respective devices to treat COVID-19. Paired together, the non-invasive respiratory support package significantly minimizes aerosolized spread in hospitals and aims to free-up critical ICU resources for those with more severe symptoms. The Subsalve-Nanotronics partnership initially formed through an international aid distribution effort. “The system is fantastic and already saved and is continuing to save lives in Bolivia,” said primary care physician Dr....
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In Frankivsk OKL patients are saved from lack of oxygen with the help of special helmets

The other day a special helmet was used for the first time to treat patients with severe respiratory failure. Doctors say that this innovative method of non-invasive lung ventilation has its advantages and both specialists and patients have already seen its effectiveness. This is reported on the page of the institution. “Such helmets were first used in Italy by pandemics, but we did not have this experience. In the search for practical solutions, we first used helmets experimentally, but immediately saw not only their effectiveness, but also their benefits, “says anesthesiologist Ivanna Maidanska. The doctor explains that the helmet has a constant maintenance of the pressure required for proper non-invasive lung ventilation, better airway tightness, it is possible to adapt the patient to high values ​​of positive pressure at the end of exhalation. A special transparent plastic helmet is placed around the patient’s head and sealed around the neck. In this case, a person can be in...
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Simple technique for Helmet/Hooded NIV

After several months of exhaustive benchtop study, we have developed a helmet/hooded positive airway pressure (HPAP) kit and technique to administer non-invasive ventilation. This is the most simplified means to administer helmet NIV, and may prove hugely beneficial in areas now experiencing hospital overburdens. Visit for additional information.  

Changes brought on by COVID-19 easing foreigntrade efforts for R.I. businesses

For some companies, business with other countries has never been better. North Kingstown based Subsalve USA Corp., which manufacturers products such as lift bags, flotation bags and bomb-recovery systems, had planned to attend several in-person trade shows this year, but all were postponed. That hasn’t hurt sales in foreign markets, though.Typically, 50% of Subsalve’s $6 million in annual revenue comes from more than 30 countries worldwide, executives say. Now that percentage stands to climb much higher. The company teamed with Lombardi Undersea LLC to create oxygen-treatment hoods that treat COVID-19-related respiratory ailments without the insertion of breathing tubes, a product expected to boost sales. And Subsalve President Richard Fryburg said as China is perceived to be a growing threat by many U.S. allies in East Asia, military customers in Japan,South Korea and Taiwan are shifting what Subsalve products are in growing demand, including an underwater ordinance disposal system used to...
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Ancient Alien Ancestors | a Review

It’s  been  some  time  since I’ve indulged in night  time  reading,  so  I just  recently  picked  up  the  second book in  the  series by Will Hart, Ancient  Alien  Ancestors. This is the follow up to his the Genesis Race which I reviewed back in 2011, and the prequel to a new title to be released soon. The book takes on the rather provocative topic of our [human] presence here on Earth being the deliberate handiwork of an extraterrestrial race, and continues to evolve with extraterrestrial intervention, manipulation, and monitoring over time. The topic is presented soundly and through rational assessment of many unanswered questions about humanity –  deep rooted open questions within things like the Egyptian pyramids, recent UFO sightings, evolution, DNA, and blood types are examined. Hart’s eloquent writing style presents these topics in a fresh way, and while the subject matter is inherently provocative, the book is not...
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New Paper: Helmet CPAP: how an unfamiliar respiratory tool is moving into treatment options during COVID-19 in the US

“By early May 2020, the H-CPAP program was approved by our institutional leadership and in our collective experience of three early helmet-adopting institutions, we have treated a total of 60 patients with helmet CPAP. Approximately 30–50% of these patients were successfully managed with helmet respiratory support, not requiring escalation to intubation and mechanical ventilation. This may be an indication of the potential of H-CPAP to either obviate or delay (flatten the ventilator demand curve) the need for more invasive ventilation.” read full paper Armirfarzan H, Shanahan JL, Schuman R, Leissner KB. Helmet CPAP: how an unfamiliar respiratory tool is moving into treatment options during COVID-19 in the US. Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease. January 2020. doi:10.1177/1753466620951032 visit for the latest resources on helmet/hooded CPAP (HPAP), and to purchase the Subsalve Oxygen Treatment Hood.  

Ventilating without ventilators | keeping is simple with Oxygen Treatment Hoods

I’ll preface this with the fact that I am not a physician, nor am I in any way qualified to prescribe any type of respiratory support, other than emergently administer oxygen following a diving accident… The latter part of that statement should resonate a bit – yes, the administration of therapeutic oxygen is a first line defense in any suspected pressure related diving injury. In fact, any layperson can be trained in how to operate a medical oxygen supply and administer it alone or while supplementing CPR. Oxygen is good for you – it’s good for all of us, in fact it is essential for life as we know it. Like any drug, oxygen has to be managed responsibly, as there are dosage (time/exposure) limits for oxygen use. These human limits are well understood here at the surface, under varying amounts of pressure, and even in the absence of pressure...
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Biospace: A Helmet-Based Ventilator Alternative for COVID-19 Patients

On August 6, 2020, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Subsalve Oxygen Treatment Hood. It is the only helmet-based ventilator to be FDA approved and the first to be approved for COVID-19 related respiratory distress. Previously, it has been used off-label. More than 20,000 hoods have been distributed internationally over the past few months. Many people have sprung into action during this coronavirus pandemic, offering their expertise and helping in any way they can. That is just what Aurika Savickaite, RN, MSN, her husband David Lukauskas, and his sister Viktorija Trimbel did from their home in Chicago in mid-March. Aurika worked as an ICU nurse and patient care manager at the University of Chicago Medicine for 10 years. She is an expert in non-invasive ventilation (NIV), which supports a patient’s breathing and provides ventilation without using an invasive artificial airway tube placed via intubation. Read more from Biospace…
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