a Resource & Cost-Center for Technical Human Intervention

Lombardi Undersea LLC is has been in business for more than 20 years, operating as a diving technology research enterprise. The company offers products and a services focused on applications of technical human undersea intervention. In partnership with Ocean Opportunity Inc. – a 501(c)3 not for profit organization – Lombardi Undersea operates as a cost-center, re-investing a significant portion of revenues into enterprising projects and programs that help move human undersea intervention forward.

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Contract Diving & Technical Intervention Services

We work with a network of scientific and commercial dive contractors, and can provide the following:

. commercial diving
. scientific & engineering support
. experimental diving
. mixed-mode intervention

Special Projects Consulting

We provide consulting services in the following areas:

. undersea workplace compliance audits (AAUS, ADCI, EMC385-1-1)
. health & safety gap analysis
. project/program development & management
. strategic planning, bid, and proposal preparation
. expert testimony & consultation for litigation

Research & Development

Cooperative R&D activities are ongoing, and target meeting niche requirements in several areas, including:

. life system design & integration
. specialized tools fabrication
. custom equipment assemblies
. contract research

Safety & Training

We conduct on-site safety assessments, dive safety training, and develop safe practices manuals and procedures for a variety of clients and collaborators in the commercial/scientific diving and technical intervention communities. Don’t fall short on today’s occupational compliance, safety standards, and regulations!

What we do...

Help us Establish an Undersea Resource Center

Our shop facility is the anchor point for providing resources to our partners and for nurturing innovations internally. Your contribution helps us incubate this into a true Undersea Resource Center.