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Helmet Ventilation Saving Lives in Bolivia | Help us Help

Recent press from Unitel in Bolivia revealed the successful use of helmet positive airway pressure (HPAP) ventilation therapy for non-invasive ventilation of Covid patients.

Dr. Cesar Vargas of Médicos Bolivianos On Line shared with us:

After this period of introduction and training of the helmets that involved many many good people as well as to overcoming numerous obstacles, finally we are back on track and ready to continue our mission, the mission of God, to saves lives and bring hope in the midst of the darkness… the helmets that your company [Subsalve USA] produces are fantastic and already saved and continue saving lives in Bolivia, our physicians are more familiar and eager to use the device and share the benefits with other hospitals.

Ocean Opportunity Inc., a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, has responded to Dr. Vargas with a commitment to provide several Oxygen Treatment Hoods to help catalyze the additional support needed there in Bolivia. We are coordinating with the Rotary Club of Bolivia as well as LA IGLESIA ANGLICANA EPISCOPAL DE BOLIVIA.

Please consider contributing to help us bring this gift from the sea to all corners of the planet facing Covid-19.

Covid-19 Relief for Bolivia

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