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Ancient Alien Ancestors | a Review

It’s  been  some  time  since I’ve indulged in night  time  reading,  so  I just  recently  picked  up  the  second book in  the  series by Will Hart, Ancient  Alien  Ancestors. This is the follow up to his the Genesis Race which I reviewed back in 2011, and the prequel to a new title to be released soon.

The book takes on the rather provocative topic of our [human] presence here on Earth being the deliberate handiwork of an extraterrestrial race, and continues to evolve with extraterrestrial intervention, manipulation, and monitoring over time. The topic is presented soundly and through rational assessment of many unanswered questions about humanity –  deep rooted open questions within things like the Egyptian pyramids, recent UFO sightings, evolution, DNA, and blood types are examined.

Hart’s eloquent writing style presents these topics in a fresh way, and while the subject matter is inherently provocative, the book is not at all presented in a manor that feeds in to conspiracy theories on these subjects. It encourages the reader to consider important subjects that have massive knowledge gaps, and presents several areas that warrant serious study and investigation without bias or being dismissive of any theory.

One particularly interesting topic touched upon is the chemical element cobalamin, commonly known as vitamin B12. It’s presence within every cell of our bodies for energy production is well understood. However quite interestingly, the element cobalt which forms the backbone of cobalamin is an incredibly rare element here at Earth’s surface, and only obtained through our diet. Recognizing that cobalt is critical for energy storage and production, it should be no surprise that Earth was seeded with prokaryotic life that made good use of cobalt, and perhaps it was recognized that despite cobalt being rare at the surface, there are rich sources of cobalt here on Earth – deepwater thermal vents. In fact, today, cobalt is being sought through deep sea mining initiative given its utility in making efficient batteries. This will prove to be a massive market as we look to sustainable alternative energy sources. Our ancestors almost certainly knew about the importance of cobalt for harnessing energy which is why it is engineered as a part of us through our modernized diets, and further substantiates where we are likely to find remnants of ancient civilizations (perhaps even Atlantis) – lost deep within the ocean and in proximity to the thermal vents which release cobalt. Cobalt may have been, and will be again, the key element to traverse space and time.

The book transitions well from the earlier title, the Genesis Race, which presented the concept of panspermia – the theory that life on Earth was seeded here from an outside source. This outside source were not little green boogie men, but rather ‘the gods’ which we should take with some degree of literalism in having existed so as to influence early records. Through the new book, Hart takes us on a journey to consider that ‘the gods’ had intervened, and then set Earth and its humanoid inhabitants on a course for survival of the species. Interestingly, that may mean a future departure from Earth to some other planet to re-seed humanity yet again.

In reading Ancient Alien Ancestors, I was fortunate to correspond directly with Hart and learn more about the next book in the series which will pick up where Ancient Alien Ancestors left off – revealing evidence of the lost Atlantean civilization through the  exploration of migrant tribes that fled Atlantis after the cataclysmic event, and have essentially been lost in the modern anthropological record. These tribes are the missing link from ‘the gods’ to the human race as we know it today, and their existence provides an incredible hypothesis that warrants significant investigation to help fill in the massive voids in knowledge about our own beginnings.

With that, I encourage you to dive in to all three titles and embrace some new perspective of the journey that we’ve already been on since the beginning of time.