Atlantis…has Risen, or is Rising?

it's the question that has stood the test of time...

Where did we come from, and where are we going?


We’ve all asked the question, and it’s an important one. Yet, the answer remains elusive. Fueling hopes and dreams to quench the thirst for an answer, we often look to Atlantis.


Conspiracy theories aside, I believe there are some fundamental truths that we can accept for humanity that point to something that once was; or, will manifest destiny take us there in the future?


The below Blog posts are original works and opinion pieces that scratch the surface in better understanding if Atlantis has risen, or is in fact just now rising. Enjoy!

diving in the background

This week was one of those weeks – a marathon stretch of hard mud diving every day which equated to just shy of 30 hours underwater within a 5 day stretch, with one day including a 7 hour dive. I’ve had lots of weeks like this, for better or worse, and they always manage to bring forward some of the harsh realities of the trade, while leaving the glamour of diving hidden in the background. So, what the heck was I doing for 30 hours down there? Well, I was being part underwater engineer, part underwater carpenter, and part underwater...
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Leaving our Shores – the Baby Steps

Among the earliest of lessons taught in diving is recognizing and mitigating the pathway of stress leading to anxiety which can lead to panic. There are physical, physiological, and psychological factors that can impact this dangerous pathway; and so we are given the basic tool and skill sets to protect the human from these factors. As dive training progresses, so do the challenges in that the tools and skills become more complex, with demanding dives allowing for less and less margin for error. Over time, many of these tools and skills become ‘standardized’ and it becomes easier for the next...
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Overpopulation Nation? We need a Sea Station!

Call it one of those quirky fateful twists – as I started up my truck this morning, the local radio was airing an interview with Frank Carini from EcoRI News (my favorite environmental watchdog) which was tackling the controversial subject of overpopulation. I haven’t written about this in some time, so figured that in the spirit of those fearful of what forthcoming environmental policy might look like, this would be as good a time as any to dive deep into the subject. At the surface, at face value, overpopulation is very real. Those of us who have been around for...
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Norway’s floating underwater traffic tunnels

Submerged megastructures are exactly what humanity needs to drive our aquatic evolution, and it’s great that some folks are thinking, and planning, that way. Recent news from Norway has revealed ambitious plans for submerged tunnels that allow traffic to cross its fjords, without an obtrusive bridge hopping from land. Now, it goes without saying that such a submerged structure is incredibly complicated to design, let alone install. On the design front, the structure itself must tolerate the stress that comes with pressure at depth, and must combat the aquatic elements – tidal surge, waves, currents, cold temperatures, and biofouling An...
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Christmas Trees and the Environmentalists Dilemma

Tis the season – we highly complex hominids decide it’s a good idea to put a pine tree in our homes despite warnings of fire hazards, sap all over the furniture, and pine needles throughout the house until springtime… So, what’s this absurdity all about? Well, there are stories that take us back over a thousand years, but according a very little bit of web research, it seems the first trees made it inside the house in the16th century by German preacher Martin Luther. According to the story, one night before Christmas, he was walking through the forest and looked...
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Oak Island | shedding some light on the value of discovery based science

I am first to admit that I stayed up late last night to take in another new episode of History Channel’s Oak Island. Oak Island itself is fascinating – ranking up there with the Pyramids, crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle, ancient alien theory, Atlantis, ‘the Flood’, and so on. Any of these taboo “science” topics are hot in their ability to capture public attention, but are considered far out there enough to yet justify significant attention from the hard science community – at least their many conspiracy or off-center theories. I certainly cannot sum up the Oak Island mystery here...
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the Greeks and testing time

I find myself frequently fascinated by the cycles of life, within life, and in how history does indeed repeat itself. Ever more fascinating is how every now and again someone stands out as seeming to have a handle on making history, rather than just becoming a part of it. It’s a skill that very few seem to harness today [though they do exist], but was very much a part of normalcy in ancient times. Cycles of time were well understood – and manipulated – by the Maya, the Egyptians, and others; but among the most interesting would be the Greeks.In...
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The Space within Milan’s Manholes

I’ve visited my share of manholes as a working diver, but never have I ever found one that looks like these: Milan artist Biancoshock has transformed several of Milan’s abandoned manholes and other underground space into purposeful artistic installations. This is exactly the type of industrial art and experimentation that we need a whole lot more of as we consider how to be better users of space. Here on Earth, we’re congested, and tend to build up (where more and bigger is better), but there are those of us who would gladly take steps off the grid and into...
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